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Adrian Teaches Kipping, Part I [wmv][mov» Jan 11 08
Adrian Teaches Kipping, Part II [wmv][mov» Jan 16 08
Adrian Teaches Kipping, Using the Hips [wmv][mov» Feb 1 08
Air Squat Demo w/explanations [wmv][mov]
Back Extension, Hip Extension, Hip-back Extension [ wmv]
Back Squat (aka Squat) [mpg]
Ball Slams [wmv][mov]
Barbell Snatch [wmv]
Bar Muscle-up [wmv]
Box Jump Variations [ wmv]
Burpee Demo [wmv]
Clean & Jerk [wmv][mov] Clean [wmv][mov]
Developing Pushups [wmv][mov» May 19 07
Dip [wmv]
Double-Unders (Brendan Gilliam demo) [wmv][mov]
Double Unders [wmv]
Dumbell Snatch tri-panel [wmv]
Dumbell Split Lifts [wmv][mov]
Eva Teaches the Kipping Pull-up [wmv]
Front Lever Pull-ups [mpg]
Front Squat Good/Bad Bi-panel [wmv][mov]
Glute-Ham Sit-up Elements Lecture Clip [wmv][mov]
Glute-Ham Sit-up [wmv]
Greg Amundson’s Warmup [wmv][mov]
Handstand Push-up [mov]
Handstand Push-up Variations [wmv]
Handstand (self assist) [wmv]
Hang Clean [wmv][mov]
Hang Power Clean [wmv][mov]
Hang Power Snatch [wmv][mov]
Hang Snatch [wmv][mov]
Heaving Snatch Balance [wmv][mov]
Jerk [wmv][mov]
Jerk (behind the head) [wmv][mov]
Jolie’s Rope Climbing Tips [wmv][mov» Apr 6 08
Jumping Squats (Coach Burgener) [wmv][mov]
Jumping Pullups [wmv]
Kettlebell swings [wmv][mov]
Kipping Pullup Concepts [ wmv]
Kipping Pullups, Step 1 [wmv][mov» Nov 29 07
Kipping Pullups, Step 2 [wmv][mov» Dec 4 07
Kipping Pullups, Step 3 [wmv][mov» Dec 10 07
Kipping Pullups, Step 4 [wmv][mov» Dec 15 07
(The) Kipping Pushup? (CrossFit HEL) [wmv][mov» Feb 14 08
Knees to Elbows Demo [mov][wmv]
L-sit-demo [wmv]
Medicine Ball Cleans [wmv][mov]
Muscle-up/False Grip Demo [wmv]
Overhead Squatting Safely [wmv][mov]
Overhead Squat [wmv]
Power Clean [wmv][mov]
Power Snatch [wmv][mov]
Pressing Snatch Balance [wmv][mov]
Pressing Snatch Balance, slo-mo [wmv]
Pull-up [rmvb]
Push Jerk [wmv][mov]
Push Jerk (behind the head) [wmv][mov]
Push Press [wmv][mov]
Push Press (behind the head) [wmv][mov]
Push-up Standards [wmv][mov» Jun 06 07
Ring Dips [ wmv]
Ring Dips (CFJ Preview) [wmv][mov» Sept 15 09
Rope Climb Variations (Annie) [wmv][mov» Sept 6 07
Shoulder Press/Push Press/Push Jerk tri-panel [wmv]
Shoulder Press-Push Press-Push Jerk [ wmv]
Snatch [wmv] [mov] [link]
Snatch Balance [wmv] [mov]
Strict vs Kipping Pullup Demo [wmv]
Tabata Squat Demo-3 Flying Ladies [wmv]
Thruster tri-panel [mov][wmv]
Towel Pullup & Variations [wmv][ mov]
Wall Ball/Karen [mov][wmv]
Walking Lunges [wmv][mov]
Weighted Pullup Variations [wmv][mov]
Angie, Chris Spealler [wmv][mov» Dec 31 09
Annie (Speal) [wmv][mov» Feb 17 08
Annie Are You OK [wmv]
Barbara, Pat Barber in New Zealand [wmv][mov» Jan 2 10
Cindy on Steroids, Camp Pendleton [wmv][mov» Jun 8 08
CrossFit Total (Nicole & Zac) [wmv][ mov]
Christine [wmv][mov» Nov 27 07
Diane (TX Annie & Pat) [wmv][mov» Mar 14 08
Diane (CrossFit Kids) [wmv][mov» Mar 16 08
Diane, 2:08, Becky Conzelman [wmv][mov» Apr 1 10
DT, Jason Khalipa [wmv][mov» Apr 8 10
Elizabeth Competition, CrossFit LA [wmv][mov» Sept 2 09
Elizabeth (as Rx’d) (Annie and Greg) [wmv][mov» Sept 23 07
Eva by CrossFit LA [wmv][mov» Dec 23 08
Fight Gone Bad Demo & Explanation [wmv][mov» Mar 19 08
Fight Gone Bad [rvmb]
Fight Gone Bad, CrossFit Trinity [wmv][mov» Dec 1 08
Fight Gone Bad, Sonz Jupiter Cert 07 [wmv][mov» Jul 21 07
Fight Gone Bad Task Priority, Jimi vs Josh (CFJ Preview) [wmv][mov» Apr 11 09
Filthy Fifty [wmv][mov» Jan 2 08
Filthy Fifty, CrossFit Camp Pendleton [wmv][mov» Oct 18 08
Filthy Fifty, Laurie Galassi [wmv][mov» Apr 16 10
Firefighter Fran (CrossFit Norcal) [wmv][mov» May 4 08
Flying Fran, CrossFit OKC [wmv][mov» Nov 15 08
Fran by Christy, Primal Fitness [wmv][mov» Feb 11 09
Fran, CrossFit Dental [wmv][mov» Dec 14 08
Fran (Greg and Annie) [wmv]
Fran (Greg and Josh) [wmv]
Fran – Charity, CrossFit Snohomish [wmv][mov» Sept 25 08
Fran – Colorado 2005 [wmv][mov]
Fran, Connor Martin [wmv][mov» Nov 16 08
Fran -CrossFit Edna Valley Kids [wmv][mov» Apr 7 07
Fran -CrossFit Kids [wmv][mov» Jun 15 08
Fran -CrossFit Hardcore Seminar Part 2 [wmv][mov» Jun 19 08
Fran, 1:53, Jason Kaplan [wmv][mov» Nov 5 08
Fran sub-2:00, Miguel Flores [wmv][mov» Dec 29 08
Fran – 2:02, Josh Bridges [wmv][mov» Jun 26 08
Fran – 2:05, Speal [wmv][mov» May 13 08
Fran -2:19, Brett Marshall [mov]
Fran, Mikko Salo [wmv][mov» Oct 1 09
Frelen [wmv]
G.I. Jane (Greg Amundson) [wmv][mov» 19 Jul 07
Grace [rvmb]
Grace (Tosh) [wmv][mov» Feb 22 08
Grace (CrossFit Kids) [wmv][mov» Nov 19 07
Grace Canadian Style [mov]
Grace-Off, Greg Amundson & Dave Leys [wmv» Jun 24 2006
Grace by Keegan, CF Kids [wmv][mov» Jun 28 09
Heavy Fran [wmv] [mov]
Heavy Fran (Greg A.) [wmv][mov» Sept 13 07
Helen [wmv] [mov]
Helen: Camp Liberty, Baghdad [wmv][mov» Jul 23 07
Helen Challenge: CrossFit Los Angeles [wmv][mov» Jul 29 08
Helen: Dutch Lowy & Jessica Langford [wmv][mov» Aug 17 08
Helen: Sub-7:00 (OPT) [wmv][mov» Jan 17 07
Isabel, CF Trainers WOD [wmv][mov» Jan 25 09
Isabel, Josh Everett [wmv][mov» Apr 13 09
Isabel, One-Armed, John Warnek [wmv][mov» Feb 14 10
Jackie, Greg Amundson [wmv» Sept 9 2006
Jackie, Greg A. vs L1 trainers [wmv][mov» Dec 23 09
Jackie (CrossFit Kids) [wmv][mov» Oct 13 07
Jason (Rob Miller) [wmv][mov» Aug 4 07
Jerry, Eric Siegel 22:19 [wmv][mov» May 9 10
Jeremy [wmv][mov» Jul 2 07
Josh (Annie) [mov] [wmv]
J.T. (Annie) [wmv][mov» 22 Jun 07
Karabel (Jon G. & E.C.) [wmv][mov» Oct 31 07
Karen at CrossFit Firepower [wmv][mov» Aug 20 09
Karen, Jason Khalipa [wmv][mov» May 13 10
Kelly [wmv][mov]
Kid’s Fran [wmv][mov]
Makimba, CrossFit Kids [wmv][mov» Aug 20 08
Mary, by Casper of CrossFit Copenhagen [wmv][mov» Jan 1 10
McGhee [wmv][mov» Apr 15 10
Linda, done by Gillian [wmv][mov» Sept 6 08
Linda (Nicole) [wmv][mov» Nov 14 07
Lynne (Brendan G.) [wmv][mov» Apr 17 07
Man Grace (Again Faster.com) [wmv][mov» Sept 18 08
Mary at 7K ft (Rob Miller) [wmv][mov» Oct 16 07
Michael [wmv][mov]
Nancy [wmv][mov]
Nancy Challenge, CrossFit Los Angeles [wmv][mov» Feb 4 09
Nate (Eva T.) [wmv][mov» Mar 17 08
Quarter Gone Bad [wmv][mov» Apr 29 08
Randy, by LAPD SWAT [wmv][mov» Jul 3 09
Snellen [wmv]
Tabata Something Else, Rob Miller [wmv][mov» Feb 2 07
The Chief [wmv][mov» Sept 14 08
Trevor @CFSC-07 [wmv][mov» 31 May 07
Trevor Team WOD (Team Silver) [wmv][mov]
Uneven Grace [wmv][mov» Apr 15 08
“Virtual” Fran Experiment [wmv][mov» Sept 157 08