Turkish Get-Up

4 x 2 (2 reps per arm)

Partner WOD:

90 sec on/ 30 sec off- 4 rds

Calorie Row

Curtis P’s 75/55 (35/25 DB for Lite N Tite)

One partner Rows while the other performs Curtis P’s, then switch.

Score = total reps of both partners combined.

1 round=

90 sec- Row for Cal

30 sec rest

90 sec- Curtis P’s for reps 

30 sec rest

Lv1: 45/35

Lv2: 65/45

Lv3: 75/55

Curtis P = 1 Power Clean + FR Lunge + FR Lunge + Push Press

REQUIRED by the City of San Francisco: Short COVID-19 Questionnaire before EVERY class. CLICK HERE.

PEEK into the WEEK…

Sunday- Pull dominant

Monday- 1 RM Back Squat

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