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Join CrossFit Potrero Hill

We offer a variety of membership options designed to help you find a plan that fits your schedule. Plans are priced on a monthly basis and range from 2 classes per week to unlimited attendance, and include access to our entire outdoor class offering, as well as indoors when the SF Ordinances allow for indoor training.  View our COVID Info Page for information about our Outdoor Training Facilities.  View our schedule to see which location classes are being offered.  When operating Indoors, Members get access to our custom designed  box, which features a 40 foot pull-up rig and 8 lifting platforms. Our box has on site bathrooms with space to change in and out of your workout clothes. When indoor training is allowed, the 3x and unlimited membership levels also give members free access to the facilities at World Gym, located across the street, including showers, steam rooms, sauna, and locker rooms. Athletes new to CrossFit should explore our Elements On-Ramping Option.  Experienced CrossFitters should email to inquire about transferring CrossFitters or simply Drop In.  

Membership Options

  • Free Intro

  • $0Trial
  • New to CrossFit?

    Try out our free Intro Class and see if CrossFit is a good fit for you!

  • 2x A Week

  • $199/mo
  • (Month to Month) This membership is designed to allow an average class attendance of 2 times per week. DOES NOT include access to World Gym.
  • 3x A Week

  • $249/mo
  • (Month to Month) This membership provides an average class attendance of 3 times per week. INCLUDES access to World Gym.
  • Unlimited

  • $289/mo
  • (Month to Month) This membership provides unlimited class attendance per month for all of our programming. INCLUDES access to World Gym &
    Barbell Club.

Sliding Scale Memberships

CrossFit Potrero Hill wants CrossFit to be accessible to people of all walks of life.  We are priced competitively and we believe that what we offer is life changing and worth the money invested. Still, the realities of affording a fitness membership as an extracurricular activity is simply not possible for some people.  For that reason, we offer sliding scale memberships.  These memberships are offered on a limited basis, but we encourage you to apply and see what’s available for support.
To inquire about a sliding scale membership please send an email to with the following information:
  • Total assistance requested and for how long
  • A brief overview of your CrossFit experience
  • Expected class times you’ll be attending and frequency
  • Other ways you are willing to contribute to our community

Drop Ins

If you are visiting from another affiliate, WELCOME to CrossFit Potrero Hill! Drop in fee is $25.  If you’d like a souvenir, we offer Drop-In’s for $30 inclusive of a CrossFit Potrero Hill T-Shirt. You can fill out the waiver online here. We look forward to WOD-ing with you soon!

Before Dropping In

Visitor Drop In’s are reserved for CrossFitters who have been exposed to regular CrossFit training, are currently CrossFit training and are comfortable with all movements posted in today’s WOD.

If you are unfamiliar with CrossFit and would like to try a regularly scheduled class, we cannot accommodate a Drop In. We have a Free Introductory Class that is more appropriate for athletes new to CrossFit.