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On-ramping courses are designed to ensure that you know how to complete all CrossFit movements safely. Athletes new to CrossFit must complete Group Elements.  Our Free Intro is a great starting point to figure out if CrossFit is right for you before joining Elements.  Experienced CrossFitters transferring from another affiliate can simply Drop In.  If you are experiences, but haven’t been training regularly and you need to clean up your movement patterns prior to joining class, onboard one on one with a Coach in our Experienced CrossFitter session below.

  • Group Elements Membership

  • $225Course
  • Athletes will learn the foundational movements of Olympic lifting and gymnastics required to be able to participate in our regular class schedule. Elements classes are held 4 days a week Monday through Thursday.
  • Free Intro

  • $0Class
  • If you are new to CrossFit this is a great starting point.  We will seek to help you answer the questions “What is CrossFit?” and you’ll walk away with a great workout.  For experienced CrossFitters, we offer a complimentary regularly scheduled class for CrossFit affiliate transfers…