Bay Area Affiliate League

5 Week Competition being hosted by CrossFit Affiliates from around the Bay Area including us here at CFPH!

Registration Opens today. Find teammates and sign up by 9/14/13. See below for the standards and ask your coach about it


There are Rx and Social divisions

4-8 Athletes per team(workouts will require between 1-4 athletes at a
given time)

Teams may be ANY combination of Male and Female

RX Division
For more advanced and experienced athletes who DO NOT need to scale a
typical CrossFit style workout.

Division for less advanced and beginner athlete who requires some
scaling for CrossFit style workouts.

Open Division Standards:

24/20in Box jump
75/50# Overhead Squat
185/125# Deadlift
95/65# Snatch
135/95# Clean and Jerk
20/14# Wall Ball
Guidance on Open Division Athletes:

We have had a lot of questions with regard to Social Division standards
and whether or not certain athletes should be Open Division athletes.
Below are a few questions to use when deciding which division to compete

1) Can I do most CrossFit style workouts RX?

2) Can I snatch 135/95 pounds and clean and jerk 185/125 pounds with ease?

3) Can I perform most CrossFit gymnastic movements (handstand push ups,
muscle ups, toes to bar, knees to elbows)?

4) Can I deadlift twice my bodyweight?

If you answer YES to 2 or more of these questions then you are an Upper
Division athlete


Each weekend affiliate league teams will compete head to head against
another team in 2 separate workouts. At the end of a weekend, your score
will be 2 wins, 2 losses, or 1 and 1. At the end of the 4 week Regular
Season your total score is used to determine your overall rank.

In the event of a tie after 4 weeks of competition to determine who
advances to the tournament, we will use individual head to head scores.


With registration, each athlete receives 4 guaranteed weeks of competition
with a chance of being in the Championship Tournament, a Bay Area League
Competitor t-shirt, and chance to earn the Bay Area Affiliate League
Championship Cup that will be engraved with your team name and goes back
with you to your gym until the next season’s winner is declared.

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