Giving Thanks 2020

Life doesn’t happen alone. And oftentimes it is a struggle.  2020 continually challenges one of our healthiest daily practices – being grateful.  Thank you to all of our athletes who have supported us before, during and after shelter in place shut downs.  Many of you paid us when we were completely shut down and offering exclusively virtuals.  We are incredibly grateful to you. Thank you to our coaching staff who did not waiver during the challenges we faced this year…some of you came to us because of the challenges we faced, offering to help and all of you pitched in beyond your coaching.  Our business does not exist without you.  Thank you to the volunteers who stepped up after the CFHQ social turmoil this summer and facilitated the launch of our sliding scale memberships and our partnership with SFPD PAL program so we could bring free CrossFit to underprivileged youth at a time when everyone thought we were insane by trying to do more than just survive.  Thank you to SFF Soccer for allowing us to sublease your field – you did not have to pick our gym, and we are grateful.  Thank you to CrossFit HQ for making material changes on your executive team and leadership team to respond to our community’s call for action. Thank you to Danielle Rabkin @ Golden Gate CrossFit for fiercely advocating with the City of San Francisco to safely reopen gyms sooner than they otherwise would have.  Thank you to Kelly & Juliet Starrett @ San Francisco CrossFit for being an inspiration to our gym over the years and for donating your rig and mats to help support our gym and PAL program.  The sweat of your athletes will not end up in a dump yard, and we are speechless and grateful for your generosity and selflessness.  Thank you to all the new faces in our community who were brave enough to show up WOD with the crazy people on the soccer field in the middle of SIP – you are a huge contribution to our survival. Thank you everyone.

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