WOD- Saturday, Jan. 4

WOD 1:

    7 min AMRAP
    27 Double Unders
    1 Axle Clean and Jerk (135/95)

    Partner 1 completes 27 double unders, on completion of the 27th double under partner 2 clean and jerks their weight. Then partner 2 completes 27 double unders and on completion of the 27th double under partner 1 clean and jerks their weight. Continue this pattern until 7 min has elapsed. This is for max clean and jerk reps. Partner that is clean and jerking has as many attempts as they want to complete the lift. You can forego the lift and other partner can begin double unders if their partner is unable to complete the lift.

7 min rest period then.

WOD 2:

    7 min AMRAP
    1 DB/KB snatch (53/35) to 10 meter overhead carry

    Partners 1&2 will be standing 10 meters away from one another. Partner 1 does the DB/KB snatch to overhead carry. You can run, walk, lunge to other partner. Weight has to remain overhead unless you are performing a DB/KB snatch. If you or your partner drops the weight there is a 3 burpee penalty.

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