Saturday, February 2nd

The 2019 CrossFit Open starts Feb 21st! Register HERE. The 2019 open WODs will be programmed for classes on Fridays for 5 weeks. Come for a fun atmosphere at 4pm-7pm for the official “Friday Night Lights”. Heats will run from 4:30-7pm (no offical class during this time, but all members are welcome to join), and potluck foods/drinks are welcome! Please inquire with a coach if you need to do the Open WODs but cannont make Fridays.


Skill: HSPU Drills

Tripod Balance
Tripod Kick Out
Tripod kick to wall

*Master each position before moving to next progression.

Alternate every minute, on the minute, for 10 minutes:

8-10 HSPU
6-8 80′ Shuttle Run

Partner Offense/Defense X 3

Def: 400M Run
Off: AMRAP 12 Hand Release Push-ups + 24 V-ups

*18 Minute Cap
*Pick up where you left off


Partner WOD For Time:

100 Cal Row
100 Burpees
100 Step Ups 24/20
100 Kbs

Log your scores on Beyond the Whiteboard
Don’t have a BTWB WOD Logging Account? Click Here and join CrossFit Potrero Hill, we provide free access to this tool for our member athletes.

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